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Gothic Icons

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This is a community for people who make icons, wallpapers, banners, layouts, etc., and share an interest in the darker side of life.

This journal is also Friends Only to avoid the stealing of icons. You'll have to join to become a member. Make all posts Friends Only when you join. Please and Thanks.


1. If you take an icon - please comment. A lot of effort goes into making icons and the makers would love to know where their work is going. Credit is demanded unless otherwise stated.

2. If you're posting more than 4 icons , a large photo/picture, background, and/or Friends Only banner(s), use an LJ cut. Don’t know how to use one? Here’s how: <*lj-cut>icons or whatever here behind cut -remove the *’s before posting. Or if you want to add text to your cut: <*lj-cut text=“this is a cut!”> icons or whatever

3. No bad attitudes, drama, rudeness, or flaming. Those who do it will be banned. We encourage people and give constructive criticism without being cocky about it. People should be able to handle kind constructive criticism without a bad attitude as well.

4. If you are posting nudity, put it behind a lj-cut and warn people when you do. (See how to do a lj cut in rule #4)


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